Studio Acht is well known for it's diversity of projects. Studio Acht makes designs for every budget and every size. From large masterplans to small buildings or villa's and we can develop new ways of using existing buildings. From traditional design through to contemporary style, our experienced designers are able to guide you through the conceptual stages of the design process. We are involved in projects from the earliest stages right through to completion.

Project management

Project Management is the key to a successful project. At Studio Acht we understand the client’s concerns at every project. If these concern are not addressed correctly, these for sure will have influences on the clients position, as well as the project itself. Therefore we aim to minimize risks in every stage of the project, starting at efficiency of construction disciplines, adequate financial management and monitoring of budget, most economical purchasing within clients demands, maximize production in the project itself, coordination between all relevant suppliers and contractors, but most importantly, making sure that these aspects do not become a disastrous disadvantage for the client. Studio Acht is well known with contractors and suppliers, therefore we have good relationships with all relevant channels. This has also been a trademark for our company, skills which we learned as well in all sorts of projects and budget ranges.

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