Enrico Corsen

Building supervisor / project leader

After finishing my technical studies both here and in the Netherlands I decided to make the switch to architectonic study. I made sure to use all of my summer-jobs working in the industry and during the last two years of my study, I started working part-time for a company that handled Interior. It helped increase my experience, helped me pass my exams with ease and lastly helped me get a lot of connections in the industry.

I worked at the interior company for 5 years, and added 2 years at Marriott, starting out as a Draftsman and working my way to General Foreman and Supervisor. I made the switch to Studio Acht in 2013 and I can look back at some amazing projects.

The actual building, realizing that your making someone’s vision or someone’s house an actual reality makes it all worth it. Also the fact, that it’s always interesting working together with different people to find solutions to the challenges of the projects. Every project is different, every building team is different and how you deal with the workforce has a significant effect on the end results. A building typically lasts for more than 50 years, and in the end it’s great to realize I’ve worked on something that will probably be here after my time. It’s like leaving a legacy behind.