Harm Rooijakkers

Director / Senior architect

During the orientation visit at the Technical University Eindhoven in 1984 I got excited about Architecture and becoming a designer and creator of building environment.

I got more and more excited during my study period and six years later I graduated as an Urban Designer and Architect. After  a work period at different offices I decided to start my own architectural firm in the Netherlands. Within a short period, in a time where computers came up, this firm became very successful and attained a size of ten employees.

Creating buildings for people and with people was and still is what makes my job so interesting and challenging for me. The downside of success, however, was that the balance between work and family got upset and that I was more and more fighting with the Dutch building rules. So in 2007 my family and I decided to take a break and moved to Curacao for one year. Here I discovered that I can have the creative freedom as an architect that I missed in the Netherlands.

The challenges of building and construct on Curacao are different and more complex. But the satisfaction is greater when you create something beautiful with your team and can toast with a satisfied costumer.