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Our New Offices

New Office Cas Coraweg 104

New Office Blue Bay welcome center

In September we moved into the two new Studio Acht offices!

For the last twelve years it’s been our pleasure to serve our clients from the office at Mahaaiweg 18.

During those years we’ve had the chance to work on a lot of truly memorable projects. We’ve planned, drawn, designed, buildings and houses that are still proudly standing today.

Throughout our 20+ years on Curacao, our focus, as always, has been to keep moving our company forward and to maintain the level of innovation that has enabled us to give our clients the service they’ve gotten used to. This innovation focused approach has given us the capacity to quickly adapt to the many industry changes we’ve encountered during that time.

It is with these aspects in mind that we proudly announce our move to the two new offices.

Since September 2nd, our main office is at the Cas Coraweg 104 and our secondary office in the Blue Bay Welcome Center.

With the expansion of our office(s) we take on an even more efficient working approach. It allows us increased flexibility in terms of planning, manpower and execution.  And in terms of logistics it enables us to be closer to our clients and projects, which are spread all over the island. Ultimately, it puts us in a position to continuously keep improving our service.

We very much look forward to continue in providing you with our expertise, our designs, but most of all our love for architecture!

See you at our new offices!


The Studio Acht team.